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• World psychological assessment.leader in Spanish-language.
• Publisher of more than 300 products for assessment, intervention and therapy.
• Provider of more than 40 psychology professionals at your service.
• Organization with 65 years of experience and constant innovation.

TEA Ediciones was founded in Madrid in 1957. As the leading publisher of psychological tests in the Spanish language, it has been TEA Ediciones’ commitment to offer a wide variety of top quality psychological assessment tools and services. .Our catalogue contains more than 300 products, including the most prestigious international tests: ABAS-II, CompeTEA, RIAS, CUIDA, CUMANIN, EXPLORA, ADOS-2, MMPI®-2, PAI, SENA, BAS-II, MATRICES, MERRILL-PALMER-R, 16PF-5, NEO PI-R, TPT, TAMAI, PROLEC-R, BIP among others.

Now we are pleased to opérate as Hogrefe TEA Ediciones, part of the Hogrefe Publishing Group, a leading European scientific publisher in the field of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Psychiatry, founded in 1949 and currently with publishing companies located in 16 countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, United Kingdom, United States, France, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, Spain, Portugal and Norway). The Hogrefe Group has 6.500 authors, 500 training and qualification courses, more than 2.300 tests available in 24 languages, 2,400 books available in 12 languages, 140 new book publications per year, 39 journals, exhibits at more than 145 exhibitions per year at conferences and scientific meetings, and employs more than 500 professionals worldwide.

Hogrefe TEA Ediciones - More than a publisher

Also, on behalf of Spain, Hogrefe TEA Ediciones belongs to the European Test Publishers Group (ETPG), which brings together the most important test publishers in Europe.

Hogrefe TEA Ediciones has a strong team of professionals, most of them psychologists specialized in areas such as psychometrics, neuropsychology, educational psychology or HR, as well as IT specialists, computer scientists, programmers, layout designers and graphic designers.

We have a specific R+D+i department composed of expert psychologists in methodology whose work focuses on the development of new tests, the adaptation of prestigious foreign tests, the edition of works by Spanish-speaking authors and the revision and updating of the works in our catalog.

Hogrefe TEA Ediciones has published tests in Spain from the most prestigious centers and publishers in the world such as PAR, WPS, MHS, PSI, PRO-ED, and STOELTING, among others. Through an extensive network of authorized representatives, our products reach not only all corners of Spain but also most Spanish-speaking countries: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Republic of Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, El Salvador and Uruguay.

Hogrefe TEA Ediciones is aware of the importance of adapting the business to the latest technologies. Therefore, you can find software for administration, scoring and reporting, OMR answer sheets, and psychometric studies.

We have also developed a powerful and innovative Internet portal for application and online scoring:

www.e-teaediciones.com for HR.
www.TEACorrige.com, for Clinicians.
www.e-BEO.com for schools.
www.intea.teaediciones.com for online training.

Hogrefe TEA Ediciones distributes works from other publishers, intervention programs and evaluation or therapy devices. We also offer other services related to assessment, mainly the development of customized tests, optical scoring of tests, statistical studies, and conducting and organizing exams.



Hogrefe TEA Ediciones - More than a publisher

We have offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Sevilla and Zaragoza, as well as a network of 12 Authorized National Distributors all around the country and a network of 17 International Authorized Distributors in Latin America.

Our products are used by practitioners in medical clinics, forensic and therapists offices, by psychologists and teachers in schools and universities, and by human resources management for selection and development. Our focus varies from country to country, as our local offices are familiar with the needs of their customers and can react optimally to satisfy them. The cultural and nationality range of our staff, our offices, and our customers is a source of enrichment and inspiration for our daily work.


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