Who we are

Since its foundation in Madrid, in 1957, TEA Ediciones is the leading Spanish company in the field of development and publication of psychological tests. Our catalogue contains over 400 different products including the most prestigious psychological tests in the world: MMPI-2, Labour Climate Assessment (CLA), TEA personality Test (TPT), Multi-factorial Self-Reported Test of Children’s Adaptation, PMA, Reading Processes-Revised (PROLEC-R), Professional Preferences Inventory-Revised (IPP-R),  EDI-2, NEO PI-R, Evaluation of ADHD (EDAH), Self-Concept Form 5 (AF-5), etc. in different fields: Human resources, Educational, Health and therapy, books, therapy material, play therapy…

TEA Ediciones - Press Release

All the tests published by TEA Ediciones come from 3 different sources:
- foreign tests that has been translated and adapted in Spain
- tests developed by Spanish authors
- test created by our experts of the Research & Development Department.

 As the leading publisher of psychological tests in the Spanish language, it is TEA Ediciones’ commitment to offer a wide variety of top quality psychological assessment tools and services. TEA Ediciones has more than 400 products for psychological assessment and therapy and about 50 employees, most of whom are professional psychologists.

In order to give the best service TEA Ediciones also distributes tests from other publishing companies, biofeedback devises, as well as it offers services related to psychological evaluation such as scoring, reporting and tests administrations.

The company is aware of the importance of adapting the business to the latest technologies. Therefore, you can find software for administration, scoring and reporting, OMR answer sheets, psychometric studies, etc.

TEA Ediciones, S.A. has also developed a powerful and innovative on-line system for tests administration, scoring and reporting: www.e-teaediciones.com

We have offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Seville and Zaragoza. The company also has a net of 12 Authorized National Distributors all around the country and a net of 17 International Authorized Distributors in Portugal and Latin America.


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