TOL, Tower of London 2nd Edition


W. C. Culbertson, and E. A. Zillmer




10–15 minutes


7 years and older

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  • MATERIAL DE IMPORTACIÓN, escolar y clínica.

TOL, Tower of London 2nd Edition (a)

The TOLDX 2nd Edition measures higher order problem-solving ability.
TOL, Tower of London 2nd Edition

The information it provides is not only useful when assessing frontal lobe damage, but also when evaluating attention disorders and executive functioning difficulties. This new edition includes a Stimulus-Bound score that is particularly useful when assessing older adults. The score is rarely produced by healthy older adults, but, when apparent, suggests significant cognitive impairment consistent with dementia or seriously compromised frontally mediated executive control. New normative data for older adults is also included in the 2nd edition, along with recent research findings.

The 2nd edition still includes:

  • Elimination of repeated trials for failed problems, which maintains task novelty
  • Introduction of 6- and 7-move test problem configurations, which increases sensitivity to executive functioning across age levels
  • An empirical selection of test problem configurations, which allows assessment of the range of executive planning abilities that characterize child and adult populations.

Uses of the TOLDX include:

  • ADHD diagnosis
  • Executive functioning assessment
  • Intervention planning
  • Strategy planning
  • Research

How to Use the Assessment
The administrator arranges red, green, and blue beads on a peg board to match the configuration in the diagram. The child or adolescent is asked to replicate the configuration on a second peg board. Scores are calculated for Total Correct, Total Moves, Total Initiation Time, Total Execution Time, Total Time, Total Time Violations, and Total Rule Violations. Each raw score is converted to an age-specific standard score. Normative data is available for large samples of nonclinical and ADHD subjects.

The Child and Adult TOLDX 2nd Edition kits include an Examiner’s Manual, two tower-structure boards, two sets of beads, and Record Forms. The child Record Form is suitable for ages 7 to 15. The adult form is appropriate for ages 16 through 80. From a practical perspective, the TOLDX 2nd Edition is an easily transportable test with minimal set-up time. Scoring can be completed within 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Task Analysis
  • Cognitive Computations
  • Working Memory
  • Allocation and Maintenance of Attention
  • Inhibition and Impulsivity
  • Cognitive Flexibility
  • Stimulus-Bound
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