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Benton Facial Recognition

A. L. Benton - 6 to 74 years. - individual. - varies.

Measures the ability of brain-damaged patients to match unfamiliar faces .

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Benton Judgment of Line Orientation

A. L. Benton - 7 to 74 years. - individual. - 5 minutes.

Measures visuospatial judgment in brain-injured patients.

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Benton Laboratory of Neuropsychology: Selected Tests

A. L. Benton, A. B. Sivan, S. Hamsher, Ni.R. Varney, O. Spreen, G. J. Rey, ...

Presents a clear and concise description of the Benton Laboratory Tests

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Benton Pantomime Recognition

A. L. Benton - 38 to 60 years - individual. - varies.

Provide additional substantive data in the evaluation of brain-damaged patients.

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Benton Visual Form Discrimination

A. L. Benton - 19 to 74 years. - individual. - varies.

Measures ability to discriminate between complex visual configurations.

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BIP, Business-Focused Inventory of Personality: UK Version

R. Hossiep and M. Paschen - adults. - individual. - Form S (Self-rated): Untimed...

The BIP is suitable for use in selection, development, coaching, career counselling. Suitable for use with board executives and middle to senior managerial levels.

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