Author: S. Corral, J.Pereña, A. Pamos y N. Seisdedos (Dpto. I+D+i de TEA Ediciones)
Assessment of the personality in the personal and profesional fields.
Administration: group or individual.
Completion time: around 30 minutes
Age: teenagers and adults
Publication date: 01/01/2002



This test evaluates some aspects that have been widely demanded by many Spanish professionals. It offers three main scores for the following factors:

  • Emotional Stability
    • Mental Openness
      • Responsibility


which are composed by 15 scales: Maladjustment, Anxiety, Depression, Stress Tolerance, Self-concept, Tolerance & Flexibility, Adaptation to Changes, Interest in Other Cultures, Availability, Social Intelligence, Social Integration, Teamwork, Professional Self-demanding, Dynamism & Activity and Tenacity & Constancy.
It also includes a "validity scale" and, as a unit summary of the whole personality, it offers an Index for the Success in the Professional Live.

The test consist of 160 items to be answered by choosing the option (from a scale with 4 levels) that best describes the frequency for the particular behaviour represented in each sentence or item.Although it was specially designed for the labour field, it is also useful in other contexts such as the personal o educational fields.  


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