Personality Tests

CompeTEA, Evaluación de Competencias - Competences Assessment
D. Arribas y J. Pereña - adults - group or individual. - 25-35 minutes

Assessment of 22 competences in organizational settings, grouped in 5 factors.

CTC. Cuestionario TEA Clínico - TEA Clinical Questionnaire
D. Arribas, S. Corral & J. Pereña (R & D Department of TEA Ediciones) - adults. - group or individual. - 20-30 minutes

Assessment of clinical traits asociated to normal personality.

ISRA, Inventario de Situaciones y Respuestas de Ansiedad - Anxiety Situations and Responses Inventory
J.J. Miguel-Tobal and A.R. Cano-Vindels - 16 years and older - group or individual. - around 50 minutes

Assessment of cognitive, phisiological and motor anxiety responses to daily events.

TAMAI. Test Autoevaluativo Multifactorial de Adaptación Infantil - Multifactorial Self-reported Test of Children Adjustment
P. Hernández Hernández - 8-18 years - papel. - 30-40 minutes

Assessment of school, family, personal and social maladjustment and also the parents educating styles.

TPT. Test de Personalidad de TEA - TEA Personality Test
S. Corral, J.Pereña, A. Pamos y N. Seisdedos - teenagers and adults - group or individual. - around 30 minutes

Assessment of the personality in the personal and profesional fields.

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