Author: D. Arribas y J. Pereña
Assessment of 22 competences in organizational settings, grouped in 5 factors.
Administration: group or individual.
Completion time: 25-35 minutes
Age: adults
Publication date: 01/01/2009



Assessment of 20 competencies and 5 dimensions in the professional field.
compeTEA is a self-report questionnaire specifically designed to assess competencies as they are nowadays used in organizational context. It assesses 20 competencies most frequently present in many dictionaries of competencies.
compeTEA consists of 170 items to answer according to a 4-point Likert scale. The theoretical model gathers competencies in 5 global dimensions:
  • Intrapersonal area: Emotional stability, Self-confidence and Resistance to adversity.
    • Interpersonal area: Communication, Establishment of relationships, Negotiation, Influence and Teamwork.
      • Performance area: Initiative, Goal orientation, Analysis capability and Decision making.
        • Environmental area: Company consciousness, Vision, Customer orientation, Openness and Identifying with the company.
          • Management area: Management, Leadership and Organization and planning.
            Social desirability is controlled by means of a Sincerity scale that questionnaire includes.


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