Author: D. Arribas, S. Corral & J. Pereña (Dpto. I+D+i de TEA Ediciones)
Assessment of clinical traits asociated to normal personality.
Administration: group or individual.
Completion time: 20-30 minutes
Age: adults.
Publication date: 01/01/2010



Assessment of clinical traits underlying normal personality.
The CTC is based on the idea that everyone has low levels of psychopathological traits and that is precisely the elevation of these features what is considered a negative clinical trait for the job performance. According to Robert Hogan’s terminology, CTC seeks to assess the “dark side” of personality.
CTC is a 136 self-report questionnaire and it is structured according to three second order dimensions conformed by the following scales:

• Maladjustment: Psychoticism, Paranoid, Depression and Hypochondriasis.
• Instability: Anxiety, Stress Vulnerability and Neuroticism.
• Lack of control: Hostility, Alcohol and Drugs Abuse and Uncontrolled Emotions.

Furthermore, CTC has two validity scales for controlling Impression management and Social desirability, and a General Pathology Index (GPI) that summarizes the clinical severity of the subject.

Especially in the context of personnel selection of security jobs, the CTC is a questionnaire that complement the information from other non-clinical personality tests.

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