Author: S. Corral y J. Pereña (Dpto. I+D+i de TEA Ediciones)
Questionnaire for the assessment of the company's working environment.
Administration: group.
Completion time: 30 minutes
Age: adults, in a working environment
Publication date: 01/01/2002



 CLA is a new questionnaire for the assessment of labour climate. It considers 2 big dimensions: the Organization and the Person CLA makes possible the assessment of 8 different scales (grouped into those 2 dimensions): Organization, Implication, Innovation, Information, Self-Realization, Conditions, Relationships and Management. Also, the combination of the most representative items offers a global score for Labour Climate.

The questionnaire consists of 93 items that can be answered quickly and easily.The results are always obtained for groups of people, not individually.


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