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Author: M.V. de la Cruz
Assessment of the most important aptitudes for learning in Pre-School Education.
Administration: group or individual
Completion time: 60 minutes
Age: 4-5 years
Publication date: 01/01/1999


An appropriate assessment of aptitudes before starting school life is of great importance in order to establish a forecast about children possibilities to succeed in the learning process. This preschool stage is basic for children personal development and it is also essential for emotional balance and adaptation.

This test come from “Pruebas de Diagnóstico Preescolar” (Preschool Diagnosis Tests), published by TEA Ediciones in 1982 and it tries to meet the current needs of adaptation of the tests to the new characteristics of preschool children and to the current valid academic legislation. The following aptitudes are evaluated with attractive and entertaining tasks that are considered as a game by children: Verbal Comprehension, Quantity Concepts, Spacial, Memory and Visual-Motor Skills.

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